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I used to be intimidated by Paganini 5

but I figured out a way to master this Caprice.

I can help!


Jennifer, a beginner violinist, had only been playing for 9 months.  

She took the Paganini 5 Challenge and look at her progress: spiccato and ricochet in just 5 days!

Get an action plan that helps you:

Learn as little or as much as you want

Build your skills in each of the 5 lessons

Feel more confident with your new progress!

But don't just take my word...
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What you'll learn in this self - study course:

Day 1: Bulletproof Your Intonation

29 minutes

  • Improve your intonation through my AHA Strategy 
  • Build your inner and outer ear 
  • Increase your left hand accuracy
  • Learn the importance of DSOs (Double Stop Opportunities) in building bulletproof intonation
  • Learn the importance and difference between Pythagorean and just intonation systems

Day 2: Master (Four-Octave) Scales and Arpeggios 

29 minutes

  • Learn the biomechanics of shifting in arpeggios and in descending scales
  • Learn the role of the ulna bone in shifting
  • Learn the Skip A Note/Note Missing shifting technique
  • Get a detailed breakdown of exchange shifts inside of scales and arpeggios
  • Learn how to increase shifting accuracy and cleanliness
  • Learn the difference between shifting with and without a shoulder rest

Day 3: Build Speed & Accuracy 

24 minutes

  • Learn how to build more effortless speed and accuracy in all of your repertoire
  • Build speed using 5 specific tips and practice strategies
  • Learn the Trust the Outline Technique 
  • Learn how to use GO's (Grouping Opportunities) to build speed
  • Learn how to build consistency through Chunk-Bridging

Day 4: Improve Your Left-Hand Technique (Especially For Small Hands)

24 minutes

  • Learn left-hand secrets that will help unlock your violin technique
  • Learn fourth finger strategies (helpful for small hands)
  • Learn how to vibrate on the fourth finger in both low and high positions
  • Understand the role of the ulna bone in left hand technique
  • Learn how to use Extenshifts
  • Learn secrets of the thumb that will unlock both left and right hand technique

Day 5: Master the Paganini 5 (and all other) Ricochet Strokes

42 minutes

  • De-mystify the Paganini Caprice 5 ricochet
  • Learn the Paganini Caprice No. 5 ricochet stroke in 5 sequential steps 
  • Learn the principles of ricochet stroke
  • Learn how to control your ricochet 
  • Learn how to increase the speed of your ricochet.

 Save time searching for answers online

Watch the video tutorials at your convenience

Get lifetime access to the lessons

You'll also get my Paganini 5 Practice Guide and Journal!

It contains:

  • my fingerings 
  • my practice tips
  • my personal score markings
  • and my (secret) bowings

Learn 5 notes, 5 measures, 5 lines...

Look at how Anne increased the speed of her Paganini 5 ricochet by 33%!

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t have to be an advanced violinist to take this Challenge!

While Paganini Caprice #5 is virtuosic repertoire typically studied and performed by advanced violinists, whether you’re a novice or professional violinist, you can choose to learn just 5 notes, 5 measures, or 5 lines.

Together, we will break down this Caprice into actionable steps so that you can tackle this piece (or any piece!) with confidence.

A beginner violinist who had only been playing for several months took this Challenge (you'll see Jennifer in the video at the top of the page) and she was already playing a perfect spiccato and ricochet stroke by the end!

That's okay! This is precisely what this Paganini Challenge is for!

I originally led this Challenge for violinists (and violists) who were from all backgrounds: novice to professional.

The goal of this Challenge is to advance your playing to the next level. You may use this Paganini 5 Challenge to overcome any hesitations about studying a "virtuosic" piece and/or use it as a vehicle to solidify your other repertoire.

Everyone who completed this Challenge walked away improving their technique, studying important foundational violin techniques that translates to great violin playing.

Even if you don't end up being able to perform Paganini 5th Caprice by the end of the Challenge, you can aim to learn just 5 notes, 5 measures, or 5 lines with better technique than when you first started!

No worries if you are short on time. 

Once you purchase the course, you will have lifetime access to the lessons and can refer back to them any time.

Learn the techniques at your own pace and return any time when you need a refresher. 

It's like having me as your teacher-on-demand!

I'm ready to take the Paganini 5 Challenge!

Hi, I'm Dr. Lynn Kuo...

Assistant Concertmaster | National Ballet of Canada Orchestra
Founder/CEO of Violin with Dr. Lynn

I have spent 20+ years as Assistant Concertmaster of the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra and have accumulated years' worth of performance experience on three continents from inside the pit and onstage as an orchestral, chamber musician, and soloist.

 As a performer, I've given the world premiere of numerous works around the world; as an educator, I've taught as Visiting Assistant Professor of Violin at Memorial University of Newfoundland and have been asked to teach, coach, and adjudicate worldwide.

I launched Violin with Dr. Lynn in order to serve violinists around the world who are as motivated as I am to continue learning and honing their craft.  

With three performance degrees on the violin under my belt, I continue to pursue higher learning with world-class violin pedagogues in order to further my knowledge and provide excellent instruction to my students worldwide.  

I coach student violinists, avid amateurs, teachers, and professionals who come from all parts of the globe: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Philippines, etc., some of whom play professionally as principal players in the Scottish Ballet Orchestra, English National Opera, and Memphis Symphony Orchestra.  

Nothing would make me happier than to help you achieve greater success as a violinist and a musician.